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Epicurean Awakening™ is all about learning to have satisfaction without guilt.  Rebekah Kee Maya shows you how to do exactly that. 

Millions and millions of people are looking for a way to eat great food and feel good about it.  Satisfaction is the lock and change is the key.

Ready to unlock your doorway to food fulfillment?  This is your invitation to a party in your mouth! 


There are so many ways to follow Rebekah and discover how to enjoy food again and be satisfied without the guilt!

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Coming Soon!

Rebekah is excited to announce the publication of her first cookbook, Epicurean Awakening™.  It revolutionizes everything you know about food, the restrictions or allergies you have and removing all of the guilt behind indulging!  You’ll connect all of the culinary dots in this amazing cookbook!  Get your copy SOON!

You're Not Lost!

Are you looking for Shakti Awakening?  Missing the 7-minute experiment?  Looking to work with and get coaching from Rebekah?  No worries – you aren’t far!