Life right now, for many of you, is being seen through black and white filters. Polarized in everything. Separation. 💔
Disconnected from places, people and quite possibly from yourself. 🖤

🌕 Light and darkness. 🌑
💖 Hope and Fear. 😱

What is light?
What is dark?
Where is Hope?

Is FEAR real? 

Does despair, sadness, and loss mean you are in the dark?  Does grieving return you back to the light?
What would Living in light without darkness look like?  Does living in darkness without light happen? Both are part of creation and exist in interdependency. 

A rainbow can not happen without rain and sunshine. You need both.
Light and darkness are absent of each other. And yet both bring balance. 

Without darkness, one wouldn’t have compassion, empathy, understanding and clarity.
Without light one wouldn’t know beauty, warmth, joy and clarity. 

Allowing the dance of each other to ebb and flow in your life, and grace you – with healing. There is great beauty in both, when you are willing to find the gifts they bring. There is a grand shift occurring on the planet. It’s called a Grand Junction with Jupiter and Saturn coming together on the solstice. Creating a very special star 🌟.  The first in 800 years. ✨🌎💫 We are currently in the middle of a luna eclipse and a solar eclipse. 🌘🌖🌓Our shadows are revealing themselves. 🌚

Are you receiving the sacred medicine?  ✨ The gift of awareness. The gift of Awakening.  🔥

In my before and after photo, the color of me is showing the darkness of me. The black and white photo shows the light in me. Life is always bringing paradoxes. The before photo is from 4 years ago. I had been in the question of “What do I do to rewire my brain?”  And “How do I rewire my brain?”  🧠 

This Before Photo is profound for me as it depicts a year of healing. A year of EFT, EMDR, and Access Bars. And so much more.

In 2019, my photos show a  monthly transformation taking place. Bless my kids for receiving me!! 💖

Always changing.  

My 3 year divorce was unraveling me. Constantly unraveling me. Just from finally removing myself from the source of dysfunction.

From the “Diabolical struggle”.  

What I know for sure, is staying in my choices I made, it kept me shut out of living. Out of joy. Out of love. (It actually reminds me of my mother. And ironically, my before photo looks like my mother. The empty, the shell, the loss, and the lonely)😩
And my after photo looks like me as my own daughter, 20 years younger). 😊

In 2014 I almost died.  I was asking for help and no one was listening.  How many of you are asking for help? And no one is listening. And you are silently dying inside. 😢
Was I listening to myself? What was I doing wrong?  What was the lesson here for me?  For my soul to evolve…..

Transformation is an alchemy just like a butterfly going through its chrysalis. You can’t see it- but it’s happening. Your life is dissolving and you can’t see it because you are in it. The clarity comes when the space is made and the light shines. 

The darkness of despair, heartache, loss and sorrow are clouds from the stories you carry. No storms are permanent. The light does come. However, the disconnection to self stops one from seeing the light. Blinded by the inability to see ones Inner Being. Blinded by stupidity projected on to you throughout life. Kind of like a hangover that never goes away. A choice was made and then the results were far from adequate. And the shame, guilt and despair set in.  Is it a spell casted on you?  By you?  Is it even yours? 

Where is the forgiveness?  When does it come?  What if forgiveness is the light ☀️ you’ve been waiting for?  Asking for. Praying for. 🙏 What if it’s giving back the light to you?  From your Inner Being. 

And the caterpillar 🐛 dissolves and becomes a butterfly 🦋. Unfolding its wings and coming into this new world. This birth of shedding the past. Shedding the stories. 

Awakening. Transforming. Being. Living. Breathing. Being Free. 


Shakti Kee Maya