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You’re all shiny and new after the Baby Steps Program. Your newly-found super powers are engaged. But you may be asking yourself, “now how do I use them for good?” You’re not alone. Most every Baby Stepper is feeling the same thing.

You just completed the Baby Steps Program and now what?

Well, it’s time to leap! This is made especially for you and only you, Baby Stepper. You need to have graduated Baby Steps before signing up for “What’s Next”.  Sign up for a monthly subscription for ONLY $5.99/month to continue your desired levels of potency and expansion.

We’ll meet on the second Wednesday of every month. There is a Facebook group created just for you. You may bring anything you’re working on. You can create your ask. You can ask Shakti questions. It’s a monthly support group to help you stay in your congruent creations. The Shakti Awakening Team will email you the replay within 48 hrs post meeting time.

After you purchase, you’ll be receiving an email with a Zoom link for our classes and the link to the Facebook group. 

Oops! You can't sign up for this quite yet.
ou must be a graduate of the Baby Steps to be able to sign up for "What's Next".

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