31 08, 2021

Empaths Navigating Better Boundaries


Seasons are markers and containers for our lives. They influence weather patterns as well as our moods and vitality.  Right now half the planet is moving into Autumn and the other half into Spring. *Autumn- Harvest, Change and Letting Go *Spring- Rebirth, Growth and Rejuvenation Whichever one you are [...]

Empaths Navigating Better Boundaries2021-09-01T12:14:28-07:00
14 12, 2020

Are you Awakening?  Are you Transforming?


Life right now, for many of you, is being seen through black and white filters. Polarized in everything. Separation. 💔 Disconnected from places, people and quite possibly from yourself. 🖤 🌕 Light and darkness. 🌑 💖 Hope and Fear. 😱 What is light? What is dark? Where is Hope? Is [...]

Are you Awakening?  Are you Transforming?2020-12-14T12:21:12-08:00
6 04, 2020

Perspective is Everything


I’m about to go on a soap box....so keep on keeping on if you don’t want to read it. Lol Boosting our immune systems is critical. Focus on what you’d like to create. Focus on what sparks you. Be in the curiosity, awareness and gratitude. This really is a formula [...]

Perspective is Everything2020-04-06T22:51:44-07:00
10 03, 2020

Top 10 Questions to Ask in Order to Survive Mass Hysteria


An awakening is happening. What do you choose to awaken to? Where do you want to place your significance?  Did you know your thoughts create your reality? And when you mix it with your emotions, you now have the evidence to prove your thoughts. It’s a vicious cycle. The [...]

Top 10 Questions to Ask in Order to Survive Mass Hysteria2020-03-13T02:55:37-07:00