31 08, 2021

Monthly Magnetic Morning Ritual: September 2021


Lavender Essential Oil. From the book Essential Emotions, Lavender aids verbal expression and calming the mind.  Specifically, it calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings.  Lavender addresses a deep of being seen and heard.  Individuals in [...]

Monthly Magnetic Morning Ritual: September 20212021-08-31T18:46:31-07:00
31 08, 2021

Empaths Navigating Better Boundaries


Seasons are markers and containers for our lives. They influence weather patterns as well as our moods and vitality.  Right now half the planet is moving into Autumn and the other half into Spring. *Autumn- Harvest, Change and Letting Go *Spring- Rebirth, Growth and Rejuvenation Whichever one you are [...]

Empaths Navigating Better Boundaries2021-09-01T12:14:28-07:00