An approach unlike any other!  

What are the circumstances when people book Rebekah? 

People tend to find Rebekah when they are going through change in their lives.  Transformation like:  divorce, job changes, moving, new relationships, aging, caretaking loved ones, empty nesting, new baby, addiction and recovery and so much more.  

See below for package options to get you out of your way.  

“I asked for change and magic and I got it!! Rebekah came to my reality as a gift to facilitate me with her sharp awareness, her magic, her ability to identify limitations and eliminate energetics blocks, I found in her also a Being that has my back!! Two sessions with her and I have unlock so many hidden patterns and limitations and started to show up as the magical being I truly BE!! Infinite gratitude for the amazing contribution you BE to the world!! What else is possible now?? And how does it get even better than that??” Gloria – Florida, USA

Ready, Set, Go!

Six - 45 minute sessions
$ 1125
  • For Entrepreneurs and High Achievers
  • A built-in support system (nearly $5,000 in value alone!)
  • A public Facebook Community

Personal Freedom

Four - 45 minute sessions
$ 899
  • For New Clients ONLY!
  • A built-in, lifetime support system (nearly $5000 value alone!)
  • You'll have a public Facebook Group.

The 7 Minute Experiment

One - 45 minute session
$ 50
  • This is a one time purchase ONLY!

Or, Maybe you’d prefer a longer session, for high-level execs!

Or, Maybe you want a custom package?  

Coaching is offered by the hour and by the package.  Because each person’s needs vary, Rebekah will work with you to create a custom coaching package.

In case you don’t know Rebekah…

Thousands of people around the world have Rebekah on speed dial.  She’s a certified Magnetic Mind Coach, Chaos Whisperer, an energy worker, she’s a life coach and she’s a healer.  She’s a bright light in the darkness.  Rebekah Kee Maya is an International Luminary.  Igniting your personal, business, and financial awakening.  Rebekah is an invitation for the space of possibilities unlocking what binds you to a limited life experience in your finances, relationships, health, addictive behaviors and more.  Want to read more about Rebekah and find out what a Chaos Whisperer is?