We are SO excited to
announce our latest and greatest…

12 week Epicurean Awakening Alternative Foods Extravaganza

This is 
NOT your grandmothers cooking class!!

What is it?

12 weeks designed for Awakening the Epicurean in you. Whole Foods; plant
based diet, Gluten free, Oil free, Sugar free cooking demonstrations straight
from Shakti Rebekah’s Epicurean kitchen!

This is for you if:

*Are you in chronic pain?
*Are you tired all the time, lethargic
   or just have brain fog?
*Do you have diabetes?
*Do you have a fatty liver?
*Are you living with a crazy list of FOOD RESTRICTIONS due to FOOD ALLERGIES?

 (No wheat, no soy, no dairy, no eggs, no grains, no corn, no sugar,
      no taste, no fun, no joy….oh wait I digress!)

We are introducing this at the AMAZING price of $269*. Don't wait! This price isn't sticking around.

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When I eat something that not only makes my mouth water but my heart sing, I
know I am tasting food made by Shakti Rebekah. She uses only the freshest organic ingredients
and has an innate talent for compiling the MOST amazing meals. Her food changes with
seasons, but always seasoned with love and compassion. I am forever changed on how
energetically charged food can become with the correct awareness stirred in. I am a
devoted follower and believe in Epicurean Awakening’s mission.
-Shawna Flemming – Seattle, Wa.
The recipes in this program are designed to satisfy you. To satisfy you visually, through smells and through flavor. Being completely satisfied is aligning you with creating greater health and vitality. It is aligning you to the awakening you are here for. To be the fully satisfied lover of life you’ve only dreamed of, and have fun doing it.
Welcome to Shakti Rebekah’s world!

“I was born to cook. I was born to bake! And I was born to 
create! However more importantly, I was born to awaken the epicurean in me and the epicurean in you.”

Pleasure is a natural state of being. Just like good health. And if you are not having any pleasure 
it is time to wake that up!!!
One of the most exciting times of knowing Shakti Rebekah was the pleasure of seeing her
name as the winner of a recipe contest in Vegetarian Times Magazine. She always had
the understanding of the healthful concepts, environmental and spiritual aspects of a
vegetarian diet. She brings a lively, joyful creativity to her cooking and helps people
attain new levels of health and understanding .-
John Hannom; Earthsave Snohomish-Wa.
Rebekah is more than a great chef.  Rebekah is an accomplished artist with food as her medium and your palate as her canvas. Who knew that there was an incredible array of visual masterpieces hidden in everyday mundane vegetables? And  the feast transfers easily from the the eyes to the taste buds. 
Flavor, beauty and pleasure with each of Rebekah’s innovative recipes. She does not disappoint. 
Tim Holman – Oregon, USA
If you are still reading, that must mean you are looking for change.
You are looking to get out of pain.
Dare I say, Pain Free!
You are looking for a way to increase satisfaction!
There is a whole new world 
of food satisfaction that Shakti Rebekah brings to you. Both in conversation and cooking instructions. She will show up for you and ask that you show up for yourself. As of right now, in this moment, you are choosing to make a commitment to yourself allowing greater pleasure and greater flexibility in your mind and body.

Let’s begin with “WHERE DO I START?”

With ONE payment of $269*, you’ll get the full 12-week program, one on one discussion with Shakti Rebekah, and a wealth alternative of recipes, tips, tricks and the mindset behind how you eat and the foods you use.

Get in now at this special price!  All video replays available to you!

*This 12-week program and the time, information and recipes you receive are valued at $1449.  This introductory price of $269 is for engagement and promotion.  This is a price decrease and will go fast.  Get in now!