Seasons are markers and containers for our lives.

They influence weather patterns as well as our moods and vitality.  Right now half the planet is moving into Autumn and the other half into Spring.

*Autumn- Harvest, Change and Letting Go
*Spring- Rebirth, Growth and Rejuvenation

Whichever one you are in, you are being influenced by the light.  It is either diminishing or it is increasing.
Noticing your responses to seasonal changes connects you to the rhythms of your body and the earth.  It’s also important to note that between both pivotal points of these two seasons there is a balance which remains in this neutral place.  This neutral place is key for really grasping profound life concepts that I will get to shortly.

I’d like to share another key to understanding our bodies and influences.  In Chinese Medicine, it is a practice to balance the outer elements with the inner elements.  In this case, the body and the environment.  Diet plays a huge part of transitioning with ease.  Health and Vitality is optimal when there is a balance between the two.  Our moods can be a direct influence as a result of this tricky balance.  Dopamine can be found in some foods as well as with exercising.  Finding pleasure is a practice as there are many people that look for the pain first.

One of the Biggest Challenges Empaths have are BOUNDARIES

For all sensitive people, how to be compassionate without absorbing the stress of others and the world can be challenging, if not impossible.  We are emotional sponges who feel everything and instinctively take it in.  This is different from “ordinary” empathy where your heart goes out to others in pain or happiness, but don’t take on their feelings.  For some, there is an additional stress of transitioning in seasons, shifting gears and feeling the light dissipating as the days get darker.  Seasonal Affective Disorder is experienced by a lot of people living in parts of the world where there is less light.  How do we manage?  How do we find that balance?

How Do Empaths Manage and Find Balance (The Short Answer)?

  1. Self care
  2. Focus on the 4 Core Choices
  3. Be resilient
  4. Daily Focus

The Longer Answer:

If you are a highly sensitive person, navigating the highs and lows in your week may feel like a never ending

 battle.  Resilience, Fortitude, Replenishing and Focusing on your creative flow are exceptional supports to maintain a thriving empathic journey.

Signs that you have Poor Boundaries:

  • Do you hate letting people down?
  • Do you agree with others to keep peace?
  • Do you feel burned out?
  • Do you say yes when you don’t want to?
  • Do you feel a lot of guilt when you take care of your self?
  • Do you struggle with making decisions?
  • Do you give away too much of your time?
  • Do you feel taken advantage of?
  • Do you feel responsible for the happiness of others?
  • Do you avoid speaking up when your feelings are hurt?

Where to start:

Understanding that with the Autumn season upon us, the winds of change follow.  For some this means our emotions can follow as well.
Remember, your emotions are NOT SACRED.  They do not define you.  When you understand this, you have an emotional freedom that you may never have had before.  This gives you the freedom to shift your mind set and connect with your inner wisdom.

Finding this place of neutrality helps to stay centered during conflict.
This new place of neutrality I call The Wizards Gate.  It can rewire the circuitry in your brain so you approach life more calmly.  From a wider perspective you are better able to detach from fear, anxiety, anger or any other issue.  One place conflict arises is when we misidentify and misapply conflict for love.  How sad is that? And yet, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we know we have experienced this tragedy.  Some of us still are.  This confusion creates trauma/drama bonding.

Avoiding Burnout:

With school starting for many families, the balance of work, parenting and driving your kids places can become very depleting.  To avoid burnout, delegating is a liberating way to lighten your load and relieve a burdensome sense of responsibility for the worlds inefficiencies and stressors.

Uplift Others:

What are some small ways you can begin uplifting others around you rather than getting angry or berating them.  Getting angry or putting them down, will most likely cause them to feel shamed and unmotivated.  Refrain from interaction from those that only give excuses, become hostile or defensive.  Lowering your expectations and refraining from engaging will be easier on you.  Focus on what’s positive in someone in order to bring out the best in them.  Look at what the do right instead of focusing on they negativity.

Remember what you resist, persists.

*Triggers are frequencies in you that is in conflict with your inner being.  And has nothing to do with the source of you experiencing your trigger.

As Promised…

How Do Empaths Manage and Find Balance (The Longer Answer)?

  1. Self Care.  Non negotiable. Pick one thing.  A morning ritual like yoga, going for daily walks, or meditating. Listen to my audio on Dissolving Conflict in this newsletter.
  2. Focus on the 4 Core Choices. Which are:
    *Choose to live a life you love.
    *Choose to live as the predominant creative force of your life.
    *Choose health and vitality.
    *Choose to live your true nature on purpose.
  3. Be Resilient.  Practice on not taking things personal.  Ask throughout your day when making decisions “What would someone who loves themselves do?”
  4. Daily focus, one day at a time. Pick 3 things a day.
    *What can I choose today?
    *What will I choose today?
    *What did I choose today?


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