What is a Chaos Whisperer?2021-08-31T13:25:26-07:00

What is a Chaos Whisperer?
All creation is the result of chaos. And when people are experiencing chaos, they often forget that they are creating. And creation is the pulling together of all the elements that are seemingly disconnected and bringing those elements to the desired outcome. What I offer, is clarity, support, guidance, and ease in attaining your desired outcome.

What is Magnetic Mind Coaching?2021-09-01T14:35:04-07:00

What is Magnetic Mind Coaching?
This revolutionary method creates fast and long lasting results. I work with and engage your Superconscious to deal with resistance by setting up a structure, taking you from your current reality to your desired reality.

What is Rapid Recode?2021-08-31T13:31:39-07:00

What is Rapid Recode?
Recoding is a revolutionary method using the Superconscious to rewire the brain.  It is a life changing process that removes resistance from where you currently define yourself to where you desire to be.  It is a method of closing the gap allowing you to experience a freedom you never have felt before.  In 7 min or less, you can be freed from the struggle, the conflict, the pain, the trauma, the story that is crippling you.  Are you ready to find out more?  Watch here. https://shaktiawakening.com/register/emotional-freedom-7-minutes-or-less-ongoing-live-webinar/

What can be Recoded?2021-08-31T13:32:53-07:00

What can be Recoded?
Triggers, phobias, Overwhelm, PTSD, Weight Issues, Fear, Money Issues, Family Entanglements, Relationship Issues, Health Issues, Anger Issues, just to name a few…..

What is a 10 Day Kidney Cleanse?2021-08-31T13:35:29-07:00

What is a 10 Day Kidney Cleanse?
This is a reset for the body.  The kidneys filter so much and never get a break.  This 10 Day reset includes, recoding, writing prompts and the emotional and energetic support to get through what comes up.  The kidneys come from an energetic place represent courage, resentment and fear.

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