I’m about to go on a soap box….so keep on keeping on if you don’t want to read it. Lol

Boosting our immune systems is critical. Focus on what you’d like to create. Focus on what sparks you. Be in the curiosity, awareness and gratitude. This really is a formula for right now. Make space. So you can allow for the miracles and micro miracles to come through. Our thoughts are filtered by our version of what we see vs the nature of what is. Our thoughts are poisoned by many things.

There are so many theories being generated right now.  Whether it’s a bio weapon, 5G, apocalypse, the end of the world… your point of view creates the evidence you are looking for. Your point of view becomes the evidence you are seeking.  Fear is what’s globally growing. Uncertainty. The unknown. These are so many people’s biggest fears. Let’s talk about the pink elephant in the room.

Fear is now the killer. It grows from the unpracticed minds. It is real to those experiencing it. It is also not being experienced by everyone.  Let me repeat that. Fear is not being experienced by everyone. What do you mean?  How is that possible?

The threat to immune compromised people have added a tremendous amount of fear. Thanks to the media. And this is one reason why elderly are weak. If 5G is the culprit, It does weaken the pineal gland making it very fragile.  This is not to minimize your experience. It is to bring awareness of choice of how you react or response to this.

The fear that has been now transmitted globally has weakened many. The Covid19 began small. It wasn’t a thing until it was made to be a thing. It was happening in November and December before we knew about it and people were calling it an upper respiratory infection. Then the media did something. They spread the news and the fear kicked in. And fear creates. And fear mutated the virus again and again. Fear is an illness here. Fear is an illusion and fear is an energy.  It’s also an energy that is misidentified and misapplied a million different ways.

Fear is a byproduct of the mind.

Fear weakens the immune system. And fear is what’s killing people.

You can say anything else about 5G about the virus. About all of it. And it’s all an illusion of the mind. And the toxic mind creates a toxic environment. And the people that don’t have coping skills with a pandemic will release even more fear of it. And since culturally faith is only taught in some churches, people just haven’t been able to get a handle on this.

Unless you have been training your mind. The Buddhist have been doing it for eons. Meditation is that.  Practicing the mind is a way of living. It’s a way of understanding what is real and not real. It’s a way of seeing equanimity.  It’s a practice. It’s 10 second living. How you live is how you die. There’s a million teachings on this and there are real hero’s and leaders that carry this level of maturity, practice and high functioning skills.

I learned a long time ago that fear contracts. Fear creates pain. Pain in the body. Pain in the mind. And fear is addicting. Without choice there is no growth. Without gratitude there is no shift. Without looking inside oneself there is only the projecting of what you believe is happening to you. Waking up is waking up out of a dream. Are you willing to wake up and see that your thoughts are creating the pain and suffering you see in the world?  Enlightenment will not happen all at once. There are too many layers of unconsciousness for people to break out of.

Which layer are you in?  Are you willing to make a change in your mindset?  Are you willing to be a ripple of ease, faith, peace and love to the world?  If not, you are adding contraction to your ripple and that sends out its signals to others. It’s never ending.

So what are the tools to use here?  What if you spent the day asking how much ease can I stand?

How much faith am I willing to have?  Ho’oponopono is a practice of forgiveness, compassion and gratitude. EFT (emotional freedom technique) helps release the trapped energies. NFP- neurofacial process releasing the shock out of the body at a cellular level. Mediation. Prayer. I can list another dozen things you can take action on. If you are frozen you will not choose anything. If you are paralyzed, most likely you will not choose anything. So how do you take the first step? And what does it look like?  Go back to the top and see the formula. Curiosity, allowance and gratitude is a beginning place.

As long as you’d rather be addicted to your story, your drama, your trauma, your point of view as being the only point of view, suffering of the mind is the only by product available to you. This is not a lecture. Although it may feel like one. It is my plea for people to snap out of the conclusions that nothing can be different. My whole life I have had to endure the righteousness of people’s closed mindedness. A sensitive I be, I created my own isolation and suffering of mind.  And until I was able to transform it, I couldn’t see outside of my own illusions of suffering. Your mind can change. It’s called neuroplasticity. It can be rewired. It can heal. But not from the outside. It must be done from within.

This is not meant to bring controversy. It’s meant to reflect on the choices you are creating to the contraction or expansion in today’s world. And especially what you post on Facebook. People are drinking in even more confusion and fear as they try to navigate this without any tools. Just because you can’t see something greater doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just because your world view doesn’t mean a miracle isn’t available today. Choice truly creates new possibilities. And being in conclusion closes all the doors.

Each country is making their own choice and you can see how things are working out or not working out. Humanity begins with self. Not from entitlement. But from a healthy mind.

The universe has your back!  Do you have yours?  Are you asking for ease today?  If not, please try it. The awareness you get from it may actually save lives.  And it could be your own. ♥️