30 Day Detox- Clearing the CFS™

30-Day Turn-Your-Life-Around Detox- Is it time to clear the Crazy Family Shit out of you?

Shakti Kee Maya delivers daily a potent video for 30 days. Each day offers a unique detox for creating a greater life. Videos will follow a theme of the week, clearing you dynamically of the mental and emotional particles that keep you locked inside, including anxiety, doubt, depression, fatigue and pain.

Shakti works specifically with your compensation system. The area of the body that has been absorbing the daily struggles from living in flight/fright/freeze. The area of the body that has marinated in perpetual “issues and problems.”

Are you ready for some ease? Where have you misidentified and misapplied your brilliance, your magic and your joy? Where are you compensating? Is it keeping you in the avoiding of creation of being you? Have you had enough overwhelm? Enough LACK? Enough pain? Enough suffering? If you answered yes to even one of these, then this DETOX is for you!!

The Weekly Themes are:

  • *Week 1- Relationships
  • *Week 2- Creationships – Your relationship with Creation/Creativity
  • *Week 3- Communing
  • *Week 4- Abundance

Description of each class:

1. Relationship – learn how to know the shining star of who you be.
Clearing lack, not good enough, connection with source, destruction, narcissists, abusive, passive aggressive and codependent relationships.

2. Creationship – Creation/creativity 
Learn the ability to know and be who you are no matter what. To FLOW like magic.

3. Communion – Gratitude
Learn the ability to be present with SELF in gratitude. Having self acceptance. Acknowledging what is so what is can change. Communing with your sparkly self and bringing it to your daily experience.

4. Abundance- Learn what the By-Products of creation is; such as joy, bliss, laughter, brilliance and money.

Introductory offer for bringing greater ease into your life.

Cost: $459
Includes 2 personal coaching sessions with Shakti at 30-min each plus Bonuses

Total Value is $949

Shakti is all about transformation. In all areas of your life. The foundation of all my 30-day programs begins with the origin of family. Especially around ancestral parts. This creates a very dynamic pattern that sets up every individual. Even though you may be drawn to doing another 30 day program first, it is highly recommended to take the CFS one before anything else. It makes the space for the changes required in the other programs.