30 Day Pleasure Upgrade

Aloha!! Join Shakti Kee Maya daily in Maui.

You will receive a video everyday for 30 days, offering a unique awareness contributing for greater pleasure!! Each video will follow a theme of the week, offering dynamic clearings of the diabolical anchors which create your fixed points of view, keeping you locked into being the pleaser, rather than embracing the pleasure.

You will also receive the questions used everyday in written form. Shakti works specifically with your compensation system. The area of the body that has been absorbing the daily struggles from living in flight/fright/freeze. The area of the body that has marinated in perpetual “issues and problems”.

  • Is it time to unleash the potency of your personal pleasure centers??
  • Where have you misidentified and misapplied your pleasing with pleasure?
  • Where are you compensating?
  • Is it keeping you in the avoiding of having fun?
  • How much fun can you stand?
  • Have you had enough seriousness?
  • Enough illusion of perfection? Enough boredom?
  • If you answer yes to even one of these, then this 30 Day Pleasure Upgrade is for you!!

The Weekly Themes are:

  • *Week 1- Severance
  • *Week 2- Emergence- New in box?
  • *Week 3- Turning On
  • *Week 4- Awakening

Description of each class:

1. Severance-Divorcing the unholy trinity.
Clearing the pleasure double binds that maintains your Batshit crazy.

2. Emergence- New in Box?
Finding the middle ground and opening the door of grace.

3. Turning on
Recognizing and acknowledging the brilliance, the laughter, the joy, the potency and the magic you be.

4. Awakening of the pleasure center portals.
Permeating and infusing the magic and joy of who you be. Portals are available all the time, lets turn them on, tune them up, activating and harmonizing the ecstatic frequencies.

Cost: $449
Includes 2 personal coaching sessions with Shakti at 30-min each plus Bonuses

Total Value is $949

Shakti is all about transformation. In all areas of your life. The foundation of all my 30-day programs begins with the origin of family. Especially around ancestral parts. This creates a very dynamic pattern that sets up every individual. Even though you may be drawn to doing another 30 day program first, it is highly recommended to take the CFS one before anything else. It makes the space for the changes required in the other programs.

Just a few of our graduates!