Are you ready for your Dreams to Come True?

Learn how to get Congruent by clarifying your ASK and expanding to RECEIVE it with Shakti Kee Maya.

This is a self-lead, go-at-your-own-personal pace course with video instruction and a private 30-minute session with Shakti! This course includes 10 Dynamic videos with questions and guidance to upgrade your life and bring you into alignment with the success you have been asking for.


This course targets people who are seeking greater clarity in connecting their dreams with their reality.

  • Do you ask the universe why? Why am I not getting the results I ask for?
  • Why do I struggle?
  • Are you able to receive what you’re asking?
  • Is your struggle in the quality of your ask or is it in your ability to receive what you are asking for?
  • Is it only in your dreams? Is it in the future, unattainable?
  • Are you ready to close the gap?

This course is only $299! The time to get congruent is NOW.