Deep dive into your BIG Yes! Are you ready to access your own Jackpot?!!

1 month workshop includes:

A total of 10 hours broken into 2-1 1/2 hour private sessions. One at the beginning of the month and one after finishing the month. At the first of each week there will be one 1 hr and 15 min session and a mid week support of 30 min each.

Week 1-Letting go- Accessing beliefs and systems that keep you locked in or locked out.

Week 2- Day Dreaming- Creating the conditions to plant your seeds of wealth.

Week 3- Filling yourself up- Making your dreams come true.

Week 4- Receiving mode- Clearing and opening the doors to allow it in.

  • Intimate one-on-one coaching
  • Daily Experiential Deep Soul Writing to access your Jackpot.
  • Theta Sound Waves for Supporting and Accessing your Deep Connections.
  • Daily writing prompt for each weekly activation.
  • Replay of each session.
  • Bonus: Wealth Activation recording for greater expansion and receiving capacities.

This course is for YOU if you are ready to play BIG!

  • Are you ready for MOVEMENT?
  • Are you asking for MOMENTUM?
  • Are you ready for Jumping in with both feet! ALL IN!!
  • Are you ready for some fun!
  • Asking for extra support to achieve your BIG yes!!
  • Do you believe in quantum leaping?
  • You know that YOU are the only one stopping yourself from achieving it, and you are OVER IT!

This course is only $1,234! A value of $3000 (Saving you $1,766!)

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