An awakening is happening.
What do you choose to awaken to?

Where do you want to place your significance?  Did you know your thoughts create your reality? And when you mix it with your emotions, you now have the evidence to prove your thoughts. It’s a vicious cycle. The best thing to do is stop masterbating your thoughts. Pema Chodron has often said “Don’t believe everything you think.”  It’s one of my favorite go-tos.

I suggest:

  • Focusing on wellness.
  • Focusing on gratitude.
  • Focusing on pleasure.

There’s no room for fear and panic when you are in joy and pleasure.

Healthy immune systems require:

  1. Good rest.
  2. Good nutrition.
  3. Good exercise.
  4. Good hygiene.
  5. Good thoughts.
  6. Good common sense.
  7. Plenty of Gratitude

Years ago, maybe 6 years by now, I was overwhelmed, stressed in my family/marriage/obligation and living a full on life as a martyr. That is not balance. It was however a powerful teacher for me. You see, I made a declaration that I was done. And a few weeks later I had cellulitis in my ear. It spread to my face. I was very sick. I had a high fever and massive vertigo. My ear was tripled in size. The walk in clinic I went to was unclear if I had shingles or cellulitis. They gave me two different medication and gave me the wrong medicine to take first. At some point I had to go to the Emergency Room. And here they tell me I have hours before it goes systemic and I could die.

5 weeks later I found myself gaining my strength back and recovering. My doctor asked me if I knew how this came about. “I said yes. I know exactly how and why this has happened.” I knew the moment she asked me. In fact, I had made a declaration of being done.  In the parking lot at the university in Bellingham on December 1, I sat and cried and spoke out loud to whoever was listening, that I was done. And so I created it. I knew I wanted out.

I am grateful I got the help I needed. It was messy. And it was many years later. And now I know I am happy. Now I am a team player. And I learned a lot. About myself and my choices.

We unconsciously and or consciously can create an exit point. Karmically, there is a group exit. However, it’s also a choice. Yet, it’s only a choice when you are conscious about it. Being driven by other people’s fear and panic is not a healthy  choice one desires. But it can be the choice that feeds any self abuse patterns.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. am I following my awareness or am I following other people’s fear and panic?
  2. am I unconsciously or consciously done being here. Am I looking to create an out?
  3. is this my exit point that I have chosen?
  4. am I living in path or distraction?
  5. am I looking for evidence to prove I’m right?
  6. is my choice generative?
  7. is what I am choosing for myself today a contribution to the world?
  8. who do these thoughts, feelings and emotions belong to?  Are they mine or someone else’s?
  9. is now the time to live?  Or am I happier being unhappy and living in fear?
  10. where do I want to place my significance?  When you sign over your significance to something outside of you, you give away your power. Is that your intention?  Are you in integrity with your body?

Now that you have gained clarity with your inner awarenesses, what would you like to create now?  If you find yourself unable to stay grounded or grasp what will help you, I am offering a free 20 min session.  Please leave a comment below with FREE 20 and I will message you. I am happy to help you dissipate any charges of energy around this virus.

Please reach out if you are ready for your shift. There is an awakening happening. How would you like to awaken to it?


I love when information is timeless. This Abraham is from 10 years ago and it applies today.  I wonder as a whole of humanity what else is possible?  We are living in an important time of change. This could be a pivot point for you.